UCI Triangle Rush Spring 2014

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Come grab some grub and get to know the Brothers.

Wednesday (4/2) CAPTURE THE FLAG -
Play Capture the Flag with the Brothers.

Egg Smash/Marshmallow Shooters/Index Card Structure Challenge.

Learn the fundamentals and history of Triangle Fraternity.

*Invite only*

For more information, contact:
Michael Senneff (479) 629-2420
Daniel Hinkel (760) 877-5935






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Triangle makes a splashing performance at Delta Gamma’s Achor Splash!

DG Anchor Splash Dance

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Triangle Times – Winter 2013

The first ever Triangle Times Newsletter was released this past Winter Quarter for actives and alumni of UCI Triangle. The newsletter sums up all events UCI Triangle contributed to in that quarter and more. Click on the link below to read all about it!

front page (2)

Triangle Times, Winter 2013

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UCI Triangle Spring Rush 2013


The time has come. UCI Triangle Fraternity will begin rushing starting early Week 1 of Spring Quarter 2013.We will be boothing around Engineering Hall starting Monday of Week 1 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Look for anyone wearing Triangle Fraternity gear and don’t be afraid to ask them any questions regarding Triangle, whether they are on or off the boothing set.

We have many exciting events planned for those that are interested in us. The list of events is as follows:

- Friday, Week 1 (4/5/13),  BBQ Night: To start off, we will be hosting a BBQ for anyone who carries any interest in Triangle Fraternity. You will have the opportunity to get to know the brothers of UCI Triangle Fraternity as well as enjoy some free food!

- Monday, Week 2 (4/8/13), Marshmallow Shoot-out: Test your engineering mind! All equipment will be provided in this event as you are bestowed with the opportunity to shoot out some marshmallows at various objects. Additional details will soon be provided.

- Tuesday, Week 2 (4/9/13), Information Night: Not sure what exactly Triangle Fraternity is all about? Here you will learn what exactly Triangle does and what it has to offer you. This session will provide you with how exactly the Fraternity has developed in over 100+ years!

- Wednesday, Week 2 (4/10/13), Sky High: Triangle has never jumped so high in the sky until Sky High! This paid for event will have you jumping through various feet until you just can’t jump any more.

- Thursday, Week 2 (4/11/13), Flag Football: There’s always room for exercise and a healthy mind in Triangle Fraternity. Join us at the ARC Fields for a wholesome game of Flag Football. Please dress appropriately in outdoor attire.

All events begin approximately at 6:00 pm of the respective date. Rides will be provided at the flag poles starting at 6:00 p.m. Cars will depart at 6:30 p.m. For more information, contact Chris Kim at 310-347-7273.



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UCI Triangle Fall Rush 2012


Get ready for UCI’s Triangle Fraternity Rush of 2012!

We have alot of Rush events planned! All events begin at 6:30pm at the Flagpoles. Look for people wearing Triangle gear.

- Thursday, Week 0 (9/27)  Barbeque-Billards Night: Get to know the brothers in Triangle Fraternity by having free BBQ followed by some Billards Games

-Tuesday, Week 1(10/2)  Bowling: Enjoy a free game of Bowling at Irvine Lanes, while being pared up with Active members. Have some fun and laughs as everyone shows off their “skills.”

-Wednesday(10/3) Marshmallow Challenge: Why not prove your ENGINEERING and SCIENCE skills by building a structure out of tape, marshmallows, yarn, and spaghetti? First team to get the tallest and the longest standing structure declares victory.

-Thursday(10/4) Info Night: All games aside , learn the fundamentals of our Fraternity during Information Night. Snacks will be provided along with the history and achievements that our Fraternity as a Chapter and a Nation has done for over 105 years.

-Friday (10/5) Football: Will be held at the ARC. Come out and play football with the brothers!




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